"Mother Goose" originate from the union of six musicians who have come across different
musical genres and experiences but are all linked by one passion: Jethro Tull.
Stefano Camusso
-piano and organ-
Gianluca Incrocci
-drums and percussion-
Robert Mongiello
- electric and acustic guitar-

Matteo Morelli

Guido Rossetti

-vocals -

Antonino Vacca
-bass guitar-
Stefania Vacca
Mother Goose start their gigs in clubs that suit their musical genre, especially in Turin and its outskirts. The six italian musicians take part in the "ROURESTOCK" musical festival contests in 2000 and 2001 passing a selection of over 150 bands, but their most meaningful shows are performed outside the Turin area on the 24th of June 2000 in Reggio Emilia and the 6th of July in Fidenza, Parma (see flyer) during the annual ITULLIANS gathering, Jethro Tull's italian fan club. Throughout these events the band experiences the wonderful feeling of performing on stage with CLIVE BUNKER, JOHN EVANS, GLENN CORNICK, three of the historical members of the popular scottish band and JOHNATHAN NOYCE, present Jethro Tull bass player . Another important signal is the inviation to perform a concert in Worms at the German Jethro Tull Convention Party on the 19th of July 2001. Between one gig and the other Mother Goose's musical activity is based essentially on renovating and arranging their repertoire (many songs are played just as they are and some are reinterpreted) so that the band can, at all times, offer arefreshing show to their "Jethro Tull audience".